How will the final payment be made on the death of the subscriber?
On the death of the subscriber, the department will submit the application in the prescribed form along with all the certificates. The following documents must be attached to the case.
i) Nomination certificate If the nomination certificate is not available then its non-availability certificate.
ii) Full details of the subscriber's family.
iii) If the nomination is not filled by the subscriber and there is no family, then the successor certificate of the competent court must be sent.
How is the General Provident Fund paid on resignation from the government and being appointed to another service?
If the subscriber joins the service of one government leaving the service of one government, then in such a situation, interest will be calculated on the deposit amount of the subscriber under Rule 14 and money will be transferred along with interest.
What documents / certificates are required to be attached to the last payment case?
It is necessary to attach the following documents / certificates with the last payment case.
i) All entries have been completed by checking the application check list in the prescribed format.
ii) Verified original copy of the general provident fund book (passbook).
iii) Certified list of partial advance withdrawals taken from 05/06/1972 till retirement should be mentioned along with treasury voucher number and date.
iv) Original nomination in case of death of subscriber, if original nomination is not available then nomination letter of drawing officer's certificate is not available and list of family members, if not family, then heir certificate from competent court.
What is the final payment process?
In case of retired subscriber / deceased subscriber, in case of the claimant, whatever the situation may be, the application will be submitted to the Accountant General after completing the application form and attaching the complete document according to the check list in the prescribed format of the Fifth Schedule. The format is available on this office website.
What is the procedure for filing an online complaint?
Online Grievance Redressal can be done on Office of the Accountant General (A & E) II office website. Your problem will be resolved within one month of filing the complaint online.
When will the accounting reform be reflected in the account of the subscriber?
All the corrections made during the year will be reflected in the accounting statement issued after the accounting conference at the end of the year.
Is it necessary to deduct the advance from the balance even if the advances are deposited in the recovery account?
Yes. The amount withdrawn from Advances will be reduced at the time of determining the balance of the account and the recoveries received against the advance will be deposited in the account.
What are the verified details to be validated for account correction?
i) A copy of the verified passbook containing details of the bowl / drawing with voucher number and date.
ii) Photocopy of the verified voucher / bowl sheets indicating the headline, name of the drawing officer, voucher number and date.
iii) Details verified by withdrawal and affiliation.
iv) Photocopy of cash book, bill register etc.
How will the passbook be maintained?
Passbook will be maintained by each drawing addressing officer of all general provident fund members subordinate to him. Passbook will be prepared month / year wise. In this, complete details of all the bowls / withdrawals will be recorded, in which details of the amount of bowl vouchers, number of bowls, amount of dues etc. will be given. Regarding withdrawals, acceptance and tip of withdrawals should also be given clearly. At the end of the year, passbook should be addressed along with calculation of the amount of interest. Each year's passbook is required to be verified with the drawing officer.
Is it mandatory for the department to maintain the Provident Fund Passbook of the subscriber?
Yes, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Finance Department Order No. FB 9/1/83 / R-2. Four as on 14-02-1983.
Are the entries of acceptance partial final withdrawals also done in the service book?
Yes . After 05/06/1972, the partial final withdrawals accepted and paid should be made mandatory in the service book of the concerned employee. (Madhya Pradesh Government Finance Department Order No. F.B. 9/1/84/N.2/4 dated 31/07/1984)
If the account is a negative balance then what is the provision of interest?
In case the account is negative, 2.5% additional interest will be applicable along with the current interest rate (as per Rule 15).
Can a person other than a member of the family be nominated for the general provident fund?
No, only family members as defined in General Provident Fund Rule 2c (i) (a) & (ii) can be nominated.
What is the maximum subscription rate?
No more than total emoluments.
What is the minimum subscription rate?
12 percent of the total emoluments (Rule 11).
Is contribution to general provident fund necessary?
Monthly subscription is required every month except the suspension period and four months before retirement. In case of half-monthly vacation, it is optional. Therefore, subscriptions can be made only on written consent. (Rule 10)
Who is eligible for subscription to the General Provident Fund?
Government employees of Madhya Pradesh are competent to fix service conditions, except those Employees who are permanently or temporarily appointed / hired or on reappointment before January 1, 2005. (Rule 4)
Who maintains General Provident Fund accounts in Madhya Pradesh?
The General Provident Fund Account of the officers / employees of the State of Madhya Pradesh is maintained by the Office of the Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) II Madhya Pradesh in accordance with the provisions of the Madhya Pradesh General Provident Fund Rules 1955.