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05 August 2011
Report No. 33 of 2010 - Compliance Audit on Railways Finances, Union Government (Railway)

IR is a departmental commercial undertaking of the Government of India. It consists of 63,974 route kms1 on which about 18,820 trains ply, carrying more than 20 million passengers and hauling about 2.4 million tonne of freight everyday. Policy...

Sector: Transport & Infrastructure
03 August 2010
Report No. 8 of 2010 - Performance Audit on Union Government (Railways)

Freight is a profit making business segment of Indian Railways and is the backbone of railway revenues.  Over the years the market share of Indian Railways has been consistently shrinking and railways was losing out to road.Indian Railways laid ...

Sector: Transport & Infrastructure
23 April 2010
Report No. 11 of 2009 - Compliance Audit on Railways, Union Government (Railway)

The gross traffic receipts of Rs.79,861.85 crore registered a growth of 11.35 per cent and the working expenses of Rs.71,839.30 crore rose by 31.91 per cent over the year 2007-08. The net revenue surplus of Rs.4,456.78 crore after payment of...

Sector: Transport & Infrastructure
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