With the enforcement of the Constitution on 26th January, 1950 Hindi became the Official Language of the Union of India according to article 343 of the Constitution.  Government of India was entrusted with the duty to promote the spread and development of the Hindi language under article 351 so that it might serve as a medium of expression for all the element of the composite culture of India.  As a follow up, the Official Language Act, 1963 was enacted by Parliament and followed by Official Language Rules, 1976.

In pursuance of the constitutional provisions, this Office is notified under Sub-Rule 10(4) of Official Language Rules, 1976 and required to implement the Official Language Policy of India. In compliance with Official Language rules this office organises various Annual Programmes. 

  • Organizing Hindi workshops for the benefit of officers, employees who work in Hindi.
  • Printing/Publication of yearly Hindi magazine “Ankur”.
  • Arranging regular Quarterly meetings of Official Language Implementation Committees of our Department under the chairmanship of the Director General of Audit (Central Receipt) and issue of agenda and minutes of the meetings.
  • Sending the quarterly report/six monthly report to Headquarters office regarding progressive use of Hindi.
  • Purchase of Hindi books through the decision taken by the committee formed for this purpose.
  • Follow-up action by this office relating to the inspection conducted by the Parliamentary Committee.
  • Participation in the meetings of the Town Official Language Implementation Committee (TOLIC) Delhi (Central) at the behest of HoD.
  • Inspection of Hindi work of sections of the office including uploading of materials on website in bilingual form.
  • Budget proposal for Hindi Books to be sent to GD section as per orders of DGA/ Director(A)
  • To review and scrutinize the magazine material received from various regional Audit offices.
  • To arrange the Hindi typing and Hindi stenography training.
  • To arrange training for Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya.
  • To arrange for Hindi Translation Training through Central Translation Bureau.
  • Implementation of incentive scheme for doing original official work in Hindi.
  • Organizing Hindi Diwas/Pakhwara.
  • Work allotted by the Director General such as Translation of Separate Audit Reports, Circulars, office Orders, Letters, Notices, notes, Notifications, Resolution etc.
  • Organizing necessary computer training in Hindi for the officers/officials.

Annual Programme 2020-21

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