This office has a dedicated training cell which inter alia is responsible for preparation of Training Needs Analysis and deputing officers and officials to various Regional Training Institutes. Besides, it is also responsible for organising training programmes/ workshops etc in-house to develop skill requirements of officers and officials as detailed below.

 Annual calendar for in-house trainings during March every year and conducting general and IT related courses as per Annual calendar

 Conducting pre-examination training for candidates of RAE/ SAS Examination every year;

 Holding Departmental examination for Auditors;

 Arranging Regional Language (Odia) Training for newly recruited staff;

 Arranging training for the candidates of MTSs for promotion as Clerks;

 Arranging training for eligible AAOs for promotion to the post of Sr. Audit Officer;

 Nomination of participants for training/workshops to Regional Training Institute, Ranchi, iCISA, iCED etc.;

 Submission of quarterly/ annual reports to Headquarters Office & RTI, Ranchi etc.

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