Compliance Performance

Report No.1 of 2017 - General and Social Sector Government of Odisha

Date on which Report Tabled:
Sat 16 Sep, 2017
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Sector General Sector Ministries and Constitutional Bodies


2.1          Implementation of Integrated Child Development Services scheme

Expenditure was less than the budgetary provision by ` 1,239.23 crore. Out of 38.39 lakh children considered eligible, 3.58 lakh were not provided Supplementary Nutrition. Only 46 per cent of the severely malnourished children were referred to hospitals. Out of 71,306 AWCs, only 28,187 AWCs had buildings. Loss of Central assistance of ` 93.76 crore.

2.2          Implementation of Sewerage projects in the State

Projects were taken up without preparing City Sanitation Plan. Loss of Central assistance of ` 99.83 crore. Cost overrun of ₹ 2.44 crore in Puri project. A STP at Cuttack was kept idle for 10 years. Cost overrun of ` 228.22 crore in Bhubaneswar sewerage projects. Intended social benefit of ` 592.55 crore could not be derived. Adverse environmental impact due to non-completion of projects was observed.

2.3          Special interventions for development of Left Wing Extremism affected districts of the State

Management of funds was deficient. Programme implementation was marred by delay in execution of works. Anti-naxal support equipment was neither supplied nor available in the test-checked fortified Police Stations. Instances of delay/non-payment of ex-gratia were observed. Forest Rights Act was not implemented properly.

2.4          Implementation of Integrated Financial Management System

Implementation of iFMS was running behind the schedule. Hardware and software were procured in excess of need, rendering them idle. Government had not exercised oversight over database administration. Required security features had not been provided. Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan had not been prepared.

3.1          Neonatal/ paediatrics care in Government run hospitals

Availability of physical infrastructure and human resources was not adequate. Instructions and guidelines relating to neonatal and infant health issues were not followed properly.

3.2          Modernisation of Judicial infrastructure in the State

No action was taken to plan and provide required infrastructure in new courts. Estimation and contract management remained deficient, leading to extra expenditure.

3.3          Fire services in the State

Majority of projects remained incomplete. Procurement of equipment without completion of civil infrastructure rendered the procured equipment idle. Enforcement of the provisions of Orissa Fire Service Act for fire safety and prevention was absent.

3.4          Idle expenditure on incomplete jail building

Execution of work without finalising land/ environmental issues led to unfruitful expenditure and blocking of funds.

3.5          Idle investment in drinking water project

Delay in use of drinking water supply project due to non-completion of pre-execution formalities.

3.6          Assessment, collection and utilisation of labour cess

The outreach of the welfare measures was not commensurate with the amount of cess collected.

3.7          Unfruitful expenditure in construction of bridge without approach road

Award of work without ensuring availability of land led to unfruitful expenditure.

3.8          Loss of interest due to imprudent fund management

Non-adherence to the instruction of the Finance Department resulted in loss of ` 3.65 crore.

3.9          Follow-up Audit on Micro Projects for development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups

None of the recommendations give in the earlier Audit had been fully implemented, even after lapse of seven years.

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