Compliance Performance

Report Report No.8 of 2016 - Local Bodies Government of Odisha

Date on which Report Tabled:
Sat 16 Sep, 2017
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Local Bodies
Sector Local Bodies



Implementation of Targeted Rural Initiatives for Poverty Termination and Infrastructure (TRIPTI)

TRIPTI is a livelihood project implemented in Odisha with a loan of ` 514 crore from the World Bank over the period from March 2009 to June 2015. Audit observed several shortcomings like non-adherence to bottom up approach in the planning process, liability of commitment charges of ` 4.35 crore to the International Development Association against un-withdrawn amount of ` 124.35 crore, non-refund of unutilised balance, non-formation of additional Gram Panchayat Level Federations (GPLFs) and non-provision of minimum requirement of Community Investment Fund (` 15 lakh) to GPLFs, non-leveraging of external funds and delayed release of funds and inadequate monitoring in the implementation of TRIPTI.

Audit of Thirteenth Finance Commission Award (2010-11 to 2014-15)

Under 13th Finance Commission (FC), Government of Odisha received a sum of ` 2107.16 crore for utilisation by Panchayati Raj Institutions. The Audit of 13th FC Awards revealed shortcomings like inadequate utilisation of funds, non-disbursement of grants directly to GPs, non-maintenance of records and discrepancy in utilisation of spare parts, non-execution of sewerage and SWM activities and misrepresentation of guidelines, taking up new construction in lieu of repair and maintenance works and non-adherence to prescribed specification in construction of roads were observed.

There are seven Draft Paragraphs under Panchayati Raj Department such as:

  1. Misappropriation of Old Age Pension Funds of ` 15.02 lakh in Brahmagiri Block
  2. Misappropriation of Government money of ` 14.01 lakh in Puri Sadar Block,
  3. Disbursement of Old Age Pension against deceased beneficiaries,
  4. Payment of widow pension of `1.12 lakh to ineligible beneficiaries in eight Blocks,
  5. Misappropriation of Government Money of ` 0.30 lakh in Boipariguda Block,
  6. Misappropriation of GP Fund of ` 0.23 lakh in Babuchhipidihi GP of Laikera Block and
  7. Loss of Stock of ` 12.71 lakh due to non-accounting of materials in stock register.



Generation of own revenue and its collection by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC)

The Performance Audit showed that BMC lacked institutional arrangement for levy of property tax. The annual value of holdings was not revised after 1977 resulting in loss of revenue of ` 64.05 crore. Revenue collection was 3 to 34 per cent less than the budgeted revenue in four years during 2011-16. There was a loss of revenue of ` 19.94 crore due to under-assessment of advertisement tax and non-enforcement of agreement condition for display of advertisement and renewal of passenger shelters at a lower rate. Failure of BMC to collect licence fee from traders, levy penalty on defaulters and implement recommendation of 3rd SFC led to loss of revenue of ` 12.40 crore. User charges were not levied on shops, hospitals/nursing homes, apartments and hotels resulting in loss of revenue of ` 6.15 crore.


There are four Draft Paragraphs under Housing and Urban Development Department such as:

  1. Misappropriation of Holding Tax of ` 0.93 lakh in Notified Area Council, Kotpad,
  2. Doubtful procurement of electrical items worth ` 10.20 lakh in Basudevpur Municipality,
  3. Loss of rent revenue of ` 1.74 crore in Sambalpur Municipal Corporation and
  4. Avoidable expenditure of ` 1.47 crore in addition to a committed liability of ` 34.04 lakh in Six Urban Local Bodies due to non-remittance of Employees' Provident Fund

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