A brief about IA & AD Style Guide

The style guide is developed mainly in the context of the English language used in the Audit Reports.  However, these are equally relevant to other official reports and communications in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department., including the Inspection Reports.

The Style Guide consists of advice on good writing, guidance on drafting, list of conventions, common errors and care in use of words and phrases.

The provisions in the Style Guide are aimed at securing corporate consistency in the reports and at obviating the need for repeated redrafting, quite often guided by the individual styles.  The Style Guide is not necessarily a manual for writing good english, but is issued as means to securing clear, simple and easy understandable language of our reports.

The Style Guide by itself does not ensure clear and concise language of the audit reports consisting of unambiguous short sentences and use of sample words.  It is not, thus intended to supercede the writing flair of the officers of the Department.  Yet it attempts to standardize the commonly used words, expressions and number etc., which must be uniformly followed.


The soft copy of the Style Guide  is availble in following link :     Style Guide.pdf

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