IA & AD – KMS (Knowledge Management System)

1. A Knowledge Management System (IAAD-KMS) has been created by CAG to serve as a searchable repository of reading material meant only for internal departmental use. The KMS contains various manuals, Structured Training Materials (STMs), Reports, etc. that are commonly used in the department.

2. All possible efforts have been made to include all the material previously available. However, KMS is a dynamic repository and functional wings are requested to provide new, updated material as and when available and also to bring to the notice of IS wing/HQ in case any existing material has not been included.

3. Each document available in KMS has been categorized and sub-categorized to facilitate easy search. Categories can be selected in the KMS interface through a dropdown box.

4. KMS has been made accessible through a link on the new website (IAAD KMS at the top left comer of the CAG website).

5. Login into KMS requires a combination of the user ID, Password and the secure code.

5. All users of IAAD can access the KMS using their official mail id and password. If the email of an officer/user is XXXX[at]email[dot]gov[dot]in then user id for KMS will be XXXX[at]email[dot]gov[dot]in. The password will remain same as being used for logging in user's official mail id.

To access the IA & AD KMS click the following link:  http://www.cag.gov.in/member.

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