• The formation of the new State of Rajasthan, after integration of Rajputana States, was achieved on 30th March 1949.
  • The office of the Accountant General, Rajasthan, started functioning from 1st October 1949 at Jaipur in part of the City Palace, at Jaleb Chowk and hired accommodation in ‘Khwasji ki Haweli’ known as ‘Achrol House’ with a branch office under the charge of Dy. Accountant General at Jodhpur. Shri Rang Bihari Lal was the first Accountant General. The first consolidated account for Rajasthan including the transaction of defence, railways and postal department was prepared for the second half of the year 1949-50.
  • For providing adequate accommodation and addressing the problem of congestions and dispersal of offices in several buildings situated at a considerable distance, His Highness Sarmand-I-Raja Hai Hindustan Raj Rajendra Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir Sawai Man Singh Bahadur, GCSI, GCIE, LLD. Maharaja of Jaipur and Rajpramukh of Rajasthan laid down the foundation stone for the present office building on 17th February 1955.
  • Further, the office was bifurcated into two offices in April 1982 – “Accountant General-I and Accountant General-II”. The former was entrusted with the work of accounting of the State transactions and Civil Audit. The latter was entrusted with the work of audit of State Government’s Companies, Corporations and Commercial Undertakings and audit of Receipts (both Central and State).
  • In March 1984, the offices were further reorganized into two distinct functional categories, namely the Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) and the Accountant General (Audit). Shri V. Doraiswami was the Accountant General (A&E) and Shri S.C.Anand was the Accountant General (Audit).
  • On 10th July 1989, the office of the Accountant General (Audit) was further reorganized into two offices on the functional basis- Accountant General (Audit)-I and Accountant General (Audit)-II. The former was entrusted with preparation and finalization of State Civil Audit Report and cadre management of personnel. The latter prepared and finalized Audit Report (Commercial) and Audit Report (Revenue Receipt). Shri P.K.Brahma was Accountant General (Audit)-I and Shri N.Sunder Rajan was the Accountant General (Audit)-II.
  • On 20th September 2002, the office was upgraded to the office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit). Shri Ananda Shankar was the first Principal Accountant General (Audit). The responsibility of Estate Management was also entrusted to the office of the Principal Accountant General in November 2002.
  • The office was renamed as Office of the Principal Accountant General (Civil Audit), Rajasthan in September 2004.
  • Housed in ‘Mahalekhakar Bhawan’ at present, Recently, office renamed again as Office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit-I), Rajasthan, Jaipur and Office of the Accountant General (Audit-II), Rajasthan, Jaipur w.e.f. 18 May 2020 due to Clusterwise restructuring of Audit Offices.
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