With the enforcement of the Constitution on 26th January 1950, Hindi became the Official Language of the Union of India according to article 343 of the Constitution.  The Government of India was entrusted with the duty to promote the spread and development of the Hindi language under Article 351 so that it might serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India.  As a follow-up, the Official Language Act, 1963 was enacted by Parliament and followed by Official Language Rules, 1976.

In pursuance of the constitutional provisions, this Office is notified under Sub-Rule 10(4) of Official Language Rules, 1976 and required to implement the Official Language Policy of India. In compliance with Official Language Rules, this office organises various Annual Programmes and various language training, Hindi typing/stenography programs. Hindi typing is also essential to execute the work in Hindi. Therefore Hindi Typing Training is also provided to the Official to help them work on Computers in Hindi.

  • In compliance with the Official Language Rules, this office conducts the quarterly meetings of Official Language Implementation Committee, headed by Welfare Officer on behalf of HoD which comprises the review of the work done in Hindi in the previous quarter. The annual assessment report is also being prepared regularly to review overall work done in Hindi. These programmes help to achieve the targets prescribed in the Official Language Act, 1963 and Official Language Rules, 1976.
  • Hindi workshops are being conducted regularly. In the workshop participants of the officials convey them the rules and policies of the Official Language Act, 1963 and Official Language Rules, 1976. 
  • On the occasion of Hindi Diwas (i.e on 14th September), Hindi fortnight (Hindi Pakhwada) is celebrated in office. During these various programmes such as Hindi notings, drafting, Quiz, vocabulary test etc. are organised.
  • This office participates in the Town Official Language Implementation Committee meetings on a regular basis.
  • As per the Official Language Policy minimum, 25% sections of the total sections of the office is inspected to check the status of work done in the Hindi Language. Work-related to Headquarter Inspection is also done to assist the Inspection team. 

 Annual Hindi Magazine named “LEKHAPARIKSHA ARCHANA” is published by our office. All the officials and officers are encouraged to write in Hindi. Poems, Stories, Interesting Memoirs, Travelogue, Drama-writing and Experience, etc. are included in the Magazine which enhances interest towards Hindi language and Literature. All articles are published in the annual Hindi magazine and circulated in the department nationwide.

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