Consists of Accountant General’s Secretariat, Single Window Clearance Cell, Deputy Accountant General(Administration) Cell, SC\ST Cell, Administration sections, Right to Information (RTI) Act Cell, Legal Cell, Personal Claims Sections, Cash Section, Hindi cell, Examination Section, Training Sections (i.e., For General Courses and For EDP Courses), Organization & Methods Section, General Department, Library, Type Section, Pay & Accounts Sections and Information Technology Core Group (ITCG).

Accountant General’s Secretariat

Secretarial and confidential work of the Accountant General is performed in this Secretariat.

Single Window Clearance Cell

In order to give speedy disposal to the grievances of Officers\Employees of Uttar Pradesh Government pertaining to Provident Fund, Pension, Loans & Advances or any other matters, a single window clearance cell, at the entry point of the offices, was inaugurated by Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh on 16 th November, 2010 on the eve of the 150th anniversary of Indian Audit & Accounts Department. Prior to this, two separate namely, Visitors Facilitation Cell in respect of Accounts & Entitlement-I Office and “Sarlikaran Kaksh ” in respect of Accounts & Entitlement-II Office were operative in their respective offices.

Deputy Accountant General (Administration) Cell

This Cell assists Deputy Accountant General (Administration) in confidential work.

SC/ST Cell

Grievances and complaints received from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe community persons are received and processed by this Cell, which is directly under the charge of Deputy Accountant General (Administration).

Administration Sections

These sections deal with cadre controlling work, e.g. appointments, promotions, inter-offices and inter co-ordination transfers, disciplinary cases, Right to information cases, Court cases filed by serving/retired government servant of IA&AD working in Accounts & Entitlement-I Office, maintenance of rosters for appointments and promotions, correspondence with other offices, sending returns and information to the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India (Hqrs’ office) as and when required. A separate legal cell has been created to deal with court/legal cases pertaining to Fund and TAD co ordinations.

Right to Information (RTI) Cell

The requests under Right to Information Act, 2005 are firstly received in Dak Section of A&E-I Office, and from there these are transmitted to this Cell. The Cell transmits the requests to concerned Group Officer with a view to obtain information/comments in the matter. On that basis final reply is sent from the RTI Cell. Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) under the RTI Act is nominated among Group Officers of the office. Presently, Deputy Accountant General (Administration) is the CPIO of Accounts & Entitlement-I Office. CPIO is assisted by one Assistant Central Public Information Officer nominated from amongst the Account Officers.

Personal Claims Sections and Cash Section

This section deals with matters relating to personal claims, Pension cases and issuance of CGHS cards and other related matters of Central Government Health Scheme, making entries in service books of all cadres, maintenance of leave of non gazetted staff pertaining to A&E-I staff and Officers. Cash Section deals with Cash transactions incurring through Cash/Cheques

Hindi Cell

The section deals with matters relating to use of Rajbhasha (Hindi) in A&E-I office and reporting thereon.

Examination Section

The section deals with examinations, prescribed by Hqrs. office for promotional avenues of officers and staff of A&E offices.

Training Sections

It is in two parts. One deals with training, to A&E Office-officers and staff, prescribed for Departmental Examinations and In-House training requirements to improve the working standards of the offices. Other, namely, EDP Training Section deals with Computer based EDP training requirements of the Officers/staff members of the Offices

Organization & Methods (O&M) Section

The section deals with updating of Manuals and conduct of systems and procedure studies with a view to achieve optimum level of efficiency. O&M Techniques include Organizational Analysis (the objectives of an Organization, the functions of the components of the Organization, the duties & responsibilities of the individuals working therein, Inter-relationship between the functions and individuals), Method Study (a systematic and analytical approach to problems which enables all the relevant factors to be evaluated so that decisions may be made), and Work Management (Time Study, Activity Sampling, Pre-determined Motion Time Systems, Synthesis and Analytical Estimating). The section also prepares annual Administrative Report - as well as monthly updates on it - depicting state of work of office to be finally hosted on office website. The section also assesses higher level training needs of officer and staff of office of AG (A&E)-I and sponsors them for various training programme at RTIs, iCISA BPST etc.

General Department

The section deals with procurement of Hardwares and Softwares, materials, stationery, etc., necessary for upkeep of the A&E-I Office. Inward Dak and Outward Despatch letters are monitored. This Branch is also responsible for Reception, maintenance of office premises and liasoning with Central Public Works Department in this regard; maintenance of Library, getting typed outgoing letters either with the help of computers or manual type writers, etc.

Pay & Accounts Office

With effect from 1st October, 1976 treasury functions in respect of Audit and Accounts Offices situated in the State of Uttar Pradesh are performed by Pay & Accounts Officer under control of the Accountant General (A&E)-I. It maintains initial accounts thereof, passes bills received from Personal Claims Sections routed through respective Cash Branches, issues cheques against them, maintains individual Provident Fund accounts of Officers and staff of those offices, issues Pension related authorities in respect of them.

Information Technology Core Group (ITCG)

An integrated Core Group for looking into problems of Hardwares, Softwares, and Biometric attendance system has been formed, namely Information Technology Core Group (ITCG).

Internal Test Audit Section

Periodical check of working of each Section/sphere of work is conducted as per provisions contained in ITA Manual and results thereof directly submitted to the Principal Accountant General. Further, at the time of Inspection of the Office by Director General/Inspection of the Hqrs. Office, ITA Section acts as a pool between this Office and Director General/Inspection and his/her team.