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  SAS (Civil)  Preliminary Exam. 2023 Training Programme and Candidate List 28-12-2022 PDF
  Result of Assistant Supervisor evaluation Examination 14-12-2022 PDF
  Renaming of SAS/RA/I/CPD Main and Supplementary SAS/RA/I/CPD Examination as Examination-1 and Examination-2 15-12-2022 PDF
  Date Sheet & Circular Reg. SAS Exam-2 of 2022 05-12-2022 PDF
  Office order related to SLM inhouse evaluation Exam October 2022 31-10-2022 PDF
  Office order reg. SLM Examination 21-10-2022    17-10-2022 PDF

Result of Centralized Evaluation Examination for AAOs for promotion to the post of Sr.AO

13-10-2022 PDF
  SLM Training for all officials of IA&AD to work efficiently in the digital environment 07-10-2022 PDF

Online registration process for the SAS/IE/RA/CPD-I, II & III Examinations for Examination-2 of 2022

30-09-2022      PDF
  Online Pre- Registration for Examination- 2 of SAS/RA/I/CPD- 2022 12-08-2022       PDF

Results of the SAS/I/CPD-I&II Examination-1 of 2022

21-07-2022       PDF