Regional Advisory Committee (RAC): is a committee who finalises the annual training calendar of the institute and advises on various training, research and development activities. The committee members are the HODs of the respective user offices of each RCBKI. The head of the RCBKI acts as member secretary of the committee. Generally the committee has two meetings during February and September every year.


  1. DG/PD, RCBKI, Nagpur (Member Secretary)
  2. Accountant General (Audit) II, Maharashtra, Nagpur.
  3. Accountant General (A&E) II, Maharashtra, Nagpur.
  4. Accountant General (E&RSA), Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.
  5. Accountant General (G&SSA), Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior.
  6. Principal Accountant General (A&E) I, Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior.
  7. Accountant General (A&E) II, Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior.
  8. Director General of Audit, West Central Railway, Jabalpur.
  9. Accountant General (A&E), Chhattisgarh, Raipur.
  10. Principal Director of Audit, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur.
  11. Accountant General (Audit), Chhattisgarh, Raipur.
  12. Director of Audit (P&T), Nagpur.
  13. PDCA, MAB-III, New Delhi at CARE BHEL, Bhopal
  14. Director of Audit, Ordinance Factory, Jabalpur
  15. Director General of Audit (CR), New Delhi Branch at Gwalior
  16. Representative from Headquarters office.

The committee meets under the chairpersonship of the senior most member present in the meeting.