1.  Short Levy of Stamp Duty
  2.  Forest Receipts
  3.  Undue Benefits to agencies for the advertising rights leased resulted in loss of revenue
  4.  Poor Management of the Leases resulting in undue benefit to the lessees-Sub lessees
  5.  Non Remittance of land revenue to Government account
  6. Non Observance of Rules Resulting in Non Recovery of Freight & Cost of Diversion Goods
  7. Loss of Revenue due to Non recovery of Water Charges
  8. Unauthorised Utilisation of Government Receipts
  9. Evasion of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees
  10. Fraudulent Procurement of Medical Equipment
  11. Embezzlement of Revenue
  12. Misappropriation of Temporary Advance
  13. Fraudulent withdrawal of Government Funds
  14. Fraudulent Payment on Carriage of Stone Chips, Metal
  15. Misappropriation of Funds
  16. Misappropriation of Government Money
  17. Fraud in Execution of civil works
  18. Defalcation- Embezzlement of government money

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