How an official who is working in IA&AD nominated for training?
The nomination is done as per the requirement of the user offices by providing them slots in a particular course which is based on the Annual Calendar of Training Programme (COTP) finalised in RAC meeting.
Can an outsider not working in IAAD be trained at RCBKI Nagpur ?
No, this Institute provides training to the personnel working in Indian Audit & Accounts Department only. In special cases, we conduct training for officials of state government also subject to various conditions.
Who are user the offices of RCBKI, Nagpur ?
There are total 17 user offices of Indian Audit & Accounts Department. RCBKI Nagpur caters the training needs of offices located in the states of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Who are trained at these RCBKIs ?
These RCBKIs cater the training requirements of various field offices of IA&AD located in different states of the country. Every RCBKI has its own set of user offices to which they provide training and assistance in capacity development areas. Group A, B and C officials of IA&AD are trained at these RCBKIs.
What is RCBKI ?
RCBKI is Regional Capacity Building and Knowledge Institute. This RCBKI is situated at Nagpur. It comes under Indian Audit & Accounts Department. There are total 10 such RCBKIs in this department. RCBKI caters the training, research and development work of IA&AD. Apart from these RCBKIs, there are two RCBKCs also. These are Regional Knowledge Building and Capacity Centres located at Delhi and Bengaluru.