No. Name of the IA&AS Faculty Area of expertise
1 Shri Satish Loomba, IA&AS (Retired) Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, , Corporate Social Responsibility, Audit of UN Agencies 
2 Ms. Nandini Kapdi, IA&AS (Retired) Gender issues, Municipal Corporations, Ethics, Performance Audit
3 Shri K P Sashidharan, IA&AS (Retired) Commercial Audit, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance
4 Ms. Meenakshi Mishra, IA&AS (Retired) Management Skills
5 Shri Jagbans Singh, IA&AS,  (Retired) Audit of Frauds
6 Shri Praveen Kumar Tiwari, IA&AS, (Retired) Corporate Finance and Corporate crimes including money laundering
7 Ms. Kavitha Kestur, IA&AS (Retired) Corporate Governance, Fraud Audit
8 Ms. Sangita Choure, IA&AS, DAI Performance and Compliance Audits – General & Social Sector, Defence, P&T, Railways and Commercial; PAC matters, Environment Audit, Audit of UN Agencies, Disinvestment & Capital Markets, GST, Comparing IPSAS with IFRS and Indian Accounting
9 Ms. Alka Rehani Bhardwaj, IA&AS, Director General Performance and Compliance Audits, PAC matters, Environment Audit, Audit of UN Agencies, Gender Awareness
10 Shri Dhiren Mathur, IA&AS, Director General Corporate Finance
11 Shri C M Sane, IA&AS, Director General Performance Audit
12 Shri Sandip Roy, IA&AS, Director General IT Audit, Statistical Sampling
13 Mr.Akhilesh Kumar Kaushik, IA&AS(Retired) Experience in the field of Finance Accounts,   Audit,  Costing,   Budget,   Budgetary control,   formulation and implementation of policy,  programs and schemes,  audit of PSUs
14 Ms Asha Rani Rungta, IA&AS, Principal  Director Overview of pronouncement of GASAB
15 Mr A K Behera, IA&AS, Accountant General Audit of Works expenditure,   Audit of Stores and stock,   tender process, IT Audit
16 Ms. Himabindu, IA&AS, Joint Secretary,  Ministry of Finance, Revenue, New Delhi ISSAI, Performance Audit
17 Ms.Tanuja Mittal, IA&AS, Director General Audit of Central Public Sector units-power sector,  Performance Audit -  Power sector
18 Ms.Mani, IA&AS, MPPA,LSE,U.K   ISSAI, Financial Audit
19 Shri Jahangir Inamdar, IA&AS, Prl Director Performance & Compliance Audits, ISSAIs
20 Shri Shailesh Jakhotiya, IA&AS, Internal financial adviser, BARC Performance Audit, Audit Evidence
21 Mr.Nilesh Patil ,IA&AS, Sr Deputy Accountant General Communication & Motivation, Pensioners etiquette, Development of Management skills,  CCS Conduct Rules, Ethics and Gender Awareness
22 Mr.Santosh Daware ,IA&AS, Director  Ethics and values in public governance
23 Mr.Madhoosudan K Nair, IA&AS, Sr. Deputy Accountant General Audit of upstream and downstream oil companies,  Admin matters relating to posting,  training,  deputation,   promotion,  APAR of Group A including DPCs upto level of DAI, audited Maharatna and Navaratna Oil companies ONGC,   HPCL,  BPCL,  IOCL, Audited producion sharing contracts
24 Ms.Yashoda, IA&AS, Sr Deputy Accountant General Admin matters relating to posting,   training,   deputation,   promotion,   APAR of Group B and C including DPCs upto level of Group B and C officials
25 Mr.Ravikiran Ubale, IA&AS, Dy. Secy. External Affairs Performance & Compliance Audits – State PSUs, Power sector, central PSUs, Oil marketing companies, administration and establishment matters,audit of civil authorities/  bodies,  ISSAI guidelines,  IT audits power sectors, PPP Audit
26 Mr. Vishal Desai ,IA&AS, Director Performance audit & Compliance Audit of Central PSUs-oil sector, aviation sector
27 Ms Athota Fani U B Rao, IA&AS, CPIO, Legal  RTI Act, Appellate structure and communication policy of the dept 
28 Ms Pallavi Holkar, IA&AS, Sr Deputy Accountant General Administration, Audit Reporting, Gender Awareness
29 Shri R Anantharaman, IA&AS (Retired) Performance Audit, IT Audit,  Role of DAIs, Case studies, Advocating Ethics and Closure, Criteria - the concepts and sources, Concept of Audit design matrix, Linkage between audit objectives identified at the planning stage etc., Balanced and fair reporting, Communication policy of our deptt, Audit of traffic earning workshop manufacturing, audit of appropriation accounts
30 Ms. Saraswati Valli, IA&AS (Retired) Audit Reporting 
31 Dr. Vishal Chawre, IA&AS, Supdt. of Police, CBI Organisational structure of IA&AD, Introduction to Govt. Accounts, ISSAIs on Performance Audit and  INTOSAI GOV 9100 9199
32 Mr. S S Sarfare ,IA&AS, (Retired) State Finance,   Preparation and Certification of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts
33 Shri Selvaraju T, IA&AS, (Retired) Impact on Accounts of GST
34 Mr. N V Mathachan, IA&AS, SR Deputy Accountant General Commercial accounting/auditing and other related topics
35 Mr. K Krishnamurthy, IA&AS, (Retired) Public works,   Forest Audit Wing,  State Revenue audit wing
36 Mr. Shivraj Dhuppe, IA&AS, Director Knime, Tableau
37 Ms Shubhangi, IA&AS,  Director Oracle backend SQL
38 Mr Virodkar, IA&AS, (Retired) IDEA, RTI Act
39 Mr.Uday Madhavrao Shinde ,IA&AS, Internal Financial Adviser, Nuclear Recycle Board ISSAI and Performance Audit Guideliens,  conducted IT Audit on VAHAN and SAP based ERP systems,   Training for Trainers,   conducted Financial audit on state finance