No. Name of the IA&AD Faculty Area of expertise
1 Shri Kamlesh Kumar, SAO(PAG) I MS Access, IDEA
2 Smt Sudha Mannur, AAO, PAG(Audit) I MS Access, IDEA
3 Shri Askok Hegde, AAO, AG(A&E) I IDEA, Oracle
4 Shri Amol Railkar, Sr Auditor, WR IDEA, Oracle, Qlikview
5 Shri. Santosh Mapsekar, AO, P&T (Audit) IDEA, MS Access, Oracle
6 Smt. Balka Basu, AAO, PAG(Audit) III MS Access, IDEA
7 Smt. Jayanthi Seshadri, SAO,AG (A&E), Chennai Audit in IT Environment, Advanced MS Excel
8 Mr Ashish Jain, AAO, Audit in IT Environment
9 Mr EPV Raghoothaman, Sr AO, PAG(Audit) IDEA, Qlikview, Priyasoft
10 Mr Biju Geevarghese, Sr AO, PAG(Audit) IDEA
11 Mr Ganeshan P V, AAO, PAG(Audit) IDEA
12 Ms Thelma Paul, AAO, PAG (Audit) MS excel, MS Access
13 Ms Deepa Menon, AAO, AG III, Mumbai IDEA, Oracle back end SQL
14 Shri Chetan Jobanputra, AAO, CF(EDP) RTI Mumbai IDEA, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle Backend SQL / PLSQL, Frontend Developer Forms / Reports, Qlikview, Data Analytics – importing from MS SQL / PostgreSQL / SQL Server / Oracle
15 Shri Amit Yadav, AAO, AG(A&E)-I, Mumbai PC-5, 6, 7:CCA(Joining Time) Rules & Leave Rules
16 Shri B V Jagtap, AAO, AG(A&E)-I, Mumbai PC-5, 6, 7: Pension rules
17 Ms. Ritu Motwani, SAO, PD Shipping , Mumbai PV5, 6, 7: Constitution of India-Part I, Part V, Regulations on Audit & Accounts, 2007-Chapter 1-5
18 Mr Ashutosh Vishnoi, AAO, PAG (Audit)-I PC-2:Concepts of skewness & Kurtosis and their interpretation; What is Statistical Sampling, Statistical Sampling vs. Non-Statistical Sampling, Estimation
19 Shri Dilip Raj SAO, AG,Kerala Pooling of Resources - Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS ,  AS
20 Shri Aaditya Helkar, AAO, PAG Audit III, Mum Audit of PPP in Infrastructure Projects; Scope & Objectives of PPP Audit, International Auditing Standards & Guidelines for the audit of PPP Projects-SAI risks; Identifying and sharing of risks; Checklists & Audit perspective on PPP Projects, Audit planning, process, criteria, findings and recommendations on PPP Audit
21 Shri Jitendra Salvi, AAO, PAG Audit III, Mum Implementation of a PPP Project - A case study; Sessions for DRAAOs Preparatory & Induction Training
22 Mr. Ishaq Bharmal, Sr. AO, AG (A&E) I, Mumbai Planning for Treasury Inspection; Utilizing data available and gathering, sampling other relevant data for TI from VLC, Pension and other source; Collecting information available in AG Module of IFMS for Planning the Audit ,  Inspection Areas Broad Overview of IT Controls (Under overall context of internal controls) Understanding IT controls in context of TI-Checklist overview; HQrs GA wing IT Control Checklist
23 Shri Chandrasekhar, AAO, AG (A&E)-II, Nagpur Loan Transactions & Public Works & Forest Transactions
24 Ms. Geeta Punjabi, AAO, AG (A&E)-I, Mumbai RBD  Transactions and its reconciliation
25 Shri K P Joseph, Sr.AO, DG (Central), Mumbai Creation of Trusts, Audit of tax levied for trusts, separation of owner from beneficiary who is to be taxed
26 Shri Vaibhav Kumar, AAO, DG (Central), Mumbai Role of CAG in audit under GST Regime; E2E Audit mandate in GST
27 Ms Hema Kutty, AAO, AG (A&E)-I, Mumbai Accounting procedure under GST system
28 Ms Mamta Lokwani,   AAO, Retd Finance and revenue accounts
29 Mr H K Pandey, Sr AO, (Retd) Public works audit,
30 Mr S R Chavan, Sr AO (Retd) English-Marathi Translation, Performance Audit
31 Mr S A Kulkarni, Sr AO (Retd) Audit of Public works and development projects, Audit of Store and Stock, Code of Ethics, Marathi official correspondence
32 Ms Geeta Poduval, Sr AO (retd) Communication and Motivation, Ethics and gender awareness, Audit Evidence,  Performance Audit and Compliance Audit, Audit Reporting, Style Guide
33 Ms Swapna Fulpadia, Sr. AO, DG Commercial, Mumbai Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
34 Shri P G Vemula, Sr. AO, PDCA & MAB-I, Mumbai Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
35 Shri Vinod Khandkar, Asstt. Supervisor., RTI Service Regulations NPS, TA Rules
36 Ms Estephan Choury, AAO, PAG (A&E)-I Overview of preparation and compilation of accounts annual & VLC
37 Shri Sadhashiv B Ranade,SAO, RTI Mumbai Primary compilation, Secondary compilation Merits-Demerits, Certification audit of Govt. accounts as per FAAM & FAAG guidelines
38 Shri Rajendra Purohit, Sr. AO, PAG (Audit)-I, Mumbai Recruitment rules of varous cadres in IA&AD, Sealed cover procedure
39 Ms Zanitha D'souza, Sr. AO, PAG (Audit)-I, Mumbai Promotions, Preparation of year wise panels
40 Shri Dinesh Menon, Sr. AO, PAG (Audit)-I, Mumbai Scope of Statistical Sampling with case studies-Performance Audit, PA Gguidelines 2014, Certification Audit of Autonomous Bodies-Audit of departmentally managed commercial undertakings (Proforma accounts)
41 Shri S Vijayraghavan, AO, PDCA & MAB-II, Mumbai Audit of CFS of Companies-Provisions relating to audit of consolidation disclosure thereon
42 Ms Rashmi Prabhudesai,  SAO, AG III, Mumbai Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
43 Shri S Venkataraman, Sr. AO, PD (Shipping) Mumbai Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
44 Shri Saroj Prajapati, AAO, DG Commercial Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
45 Shri Tarun Prakash Deepak, AAO, DGA (Central), Mumbai Direct Taxes-Audit planning & programming, Risk Analysis in Direct Taxes Audit, Procedures of Direct Taxes Audit
46 Shri Ranjit Singh, AAO, DGA (Central), Mumbai Direct Taxes Audit Reporting, Structure of CAG's Reports on compliance & Performance Audit of Direct Taxes
47 Shri P B Naithani, Sr. AO, DGA (Central), Mumbai CAG's DPC Act, Functions of Direct Tax Audit, Types of Direct Taxes Audit conducted
48 Shri P K Surjithlal, Sr AO, UN Audit, Sultanate of Oman CCS (Conduct) Rules
49 Shri Raghavendra Deo, SAO, PAG (Audit)-I, Mumbai Indirect Tax Structure in India-State Tevenues
50 Shri Niranjan Kumar, AAO, DGA (Central), Mumbai Case study on Transition process on the Indirect Tax structure in India-Central Revenues
51 Shri Piyush Ranteke, Sr. AO, PD (Shipping), Mumbai Actual cases observed in Audit based on IndAS, AS
52 Ms. Shalini Vijayan, Sr. AO, CF, IT, RTI Mumbai Financial Attest Audit Guidelines,   Statistical sampling, GFR 2017, CVC guidelines on procurement, Report Writing
53 Ms. Jayashree Chettiar, Sr. AO, CF, General & Coordination, RTI Mumbai Guiding principles of Auditing Standards, Financial Audit, Compliance Audit, Performance Audit, Audit notes and   IRs, Audit evidence and Audit Reports, Role of CAG in Audit of Panchayati Raj Institutions , Salient features of Uniform Format of Accounts,  SARs, Case study and group discussion on the SAR, Brain storming on how to improve the readability of Report on State Finance, Introduction to ISSAIs, ISSAIs on Financial Audit, Performance Audit, APAR-Purpose, Importance, Adverse Entry, grading, etc, CAG in Indian democracy, Organizational Structure of IA&AD, Receipt & Payment Rules, CVC guidelines on procurement, Introduction to Regularity, Propriety, Performance, Central Audit & Local Audit, CCS (Conduct) Rules, CCS (CCA) Rules, Indian Financial System, Budget Meaning, Annual Financial Statement, Techniques of Evidence Gathering, Performance, Compliance Auditing-Case study, Performance, Compliance Audit Reporting, Linkage between audit objectives and Audit Report, Balanced and Fair Reporting , Strategic planning and selection of subject for PA, Drafting of Performance Audit Report, Statistical Sampling in Audit-Case study, Risk Assessment, Understanding fraud and corruption, Audit mandate within SAI India etc, Fundamentals of Public sector ethics, Code of Ethics for IA&AD, Gender Awareness, Financial control in Govt, Budgeting, GFR, Delegation of Powers
54 Shri Mahadevan P, Sr AO, PD (Shipping), Mumbai Audit of Govt. Companies, Provisions in DPE Guidelines, Audit Checklist, case studies, Budget preparation & Monitoring, Comparing IPSAS with IFRS, Indian Accounting Standards, Role of CAG in Audit of Panchayati Raj Institutions and Urban Local Bodies, Role of CAG in the Audit of Autonomous Bodies, Salient features of Regulations on Audit & Accounts, INTOSAI GOV 9100 9199, Compliance Audit, Preparation, Maintenance and operation of post based rosters,Treatment of current vacancy and backlog vacancy, Reservation vacancies for SC, ST, physically handicapped, Office Procedure, Noting & Drafting, Financial Auditing-case study, check list, Audit Report language and Structure, Style guide etc, Key concepts of the Companies Act, 2013, Audit Committee, Corporate Governance, Setting Audit Objectives and linking to ADM, Salient features of Performance Audit Guidelines 2014, Expected amendments in goods and service taxation, Change in audit approach to gear up to the new scenario, Budget preparation & Monitoring
55 Ms. Maheswari V, Sr. AO, Retd, PAG (Audit) I Contingent, Expenditure Audit: Pay & entitlement, GFR on procurement, GFR, Receipt & Payment Rules, Office Procedure, Noting and Drafting, Performance Auditing, Audit Evidence-Compliance Auditing, Delegation of financial powers MSO (Admn.) Vol-II, APAR-Purpose, Importance, Adverse entry etc.
56 Ms Rukumini Ramachandran, AAO, DG(C) CPPP portal Other important points, Induction course-IT Audit; Introduction to Data Analytics; Concepts and Data Integrity Checks
57 Mr Suresh Kumar, Sr AO, AG(E&SR) TVM Evolution of CG framework other than LODR, Provisions in New Companies Act 2013, Provision in Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, Provisions in DPE Guidelines, Provisions in IRDA regulations, National Corporate Governance Policy 2012-Adi Godrej Committee, Corporate Social Responsibilities Provisions relating to audit of consolidation, disclosures thereon; Case study
58 Shri Sundar Ramakrishnan,  Sr. AO, PDA(C ) Audit of Bodies and Authorities other than Govt. establishment and companies, Salient features of Uniform Format of Accounts,  SARs, ISSAIs on Compliance Audit, Techniques of Evidence Gathering, Compliance Audit Reporting, Audit sampling techniques, Introduction to Statistical Sampling, Use of Monetory Unit Sampling, Statistical Sampling in IT environment, Parliamentary Financial control
59 Shri S N Fulzele, Sr. AO,  PAG (Audit) I Audit Reporting
60 Shri S V Nene,, Retd, Sr. AO Audit checks to be conducted for certification of accounts of PRI
61 Shri Sachin Mohite, Sr. AO,  PAG (Audit) I Analysis of Balance sheet
62 Shri Kishore Dhotre, AAO,  PAG (Audit) I Audit & analysis of financial statements
63 Ms R Padmaja , AAO,  PAG (Audit) I Financial Attest Audit Guidelines
64 Shri S V Kadulkar, AAO,   PAG (Audit) I Audit of Finance and Appropriation Accounts
65 Shri Ravi N Boddu, Sr AO, PAG(A&E) Preparation and Certification of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts
66 Shri Rakesh Kumar, AAO Training on Audit Appreciation for officers of IT Deptt.
67 Shri S S More, Sr. AO  PAG (Audit) I Audit of Works Expenditure
68 Ms. Lata Nair, AAO Living Life Abundantly (Yoga)
69 Shri Anand Salve, Sr. AO Evolution of CG framework other than Clause 49
70 Ms. Veena Baliga, Sr. AO, AG (A&E) Translation Marathi to English
71 Shri J J Bajaj, SR AO, AG(A&E), Nagpur Statistical Sampling in IT environment
72 Shri Sanjay Bhattacharjee, Sr. AO,  PAG (Audit) I PPP Audit, International Auditing Standards and Guidelines for the audit of PPP Projects
73 Shri S L Rao, AAO, PAG(A&E) Accrual Accounting, GASAB and IPSAS
74 Ms. Mythili Murali, AAO Treatment of current vacancy and backlog vacancy, Reservation for SC, ST, Reservation for physically handicapped
75 Shri G B Khulge, Sr. AO, (Retd), PAG(A&E) Preparation and conduct of DPC meeting panel and Maintenance and implementation of Rosters, Recruitment Rules, Sealed Cover Procedure, Promotions, Current Vacancy & backlog vacancy, GOI instructions etc.
76 Ms. Rekha Gireesan, AAO  PAG (Audit) I APAR Guidelines
77 Shri Alwyn Furtado, Sr. AO PDA(C ) Audit of Direct Taxes
78 Shri Sanjay Pandey, AAO PDA(C) Audit of Direct Taxes
79 Shri Ravi Ranjan Kumar, AAO PDA(C) Audit of Direct Taxes
80 Shri Prem Prakash,  AAO PDA(C ) Audit of Direct Taxes, Interesting and important audit observations of CAG's Audit Report
81 Shri Srihari Chamarti, AAO PDA(C ) Audit of Direct Taxes
82 Shri R R Shukla, Sr. AO PDA(C ) Audit of Direct Taxes
83 Ms. Binu Mathew, Sr. AO  PAG (Audit) I Introduction to ISSAIs, level two ISSAIs, Statistical sampling case studies-VLC Audit
84 Shri Ashok Gade, AAO PAG (Audit) I Service Regulations, NPS, TA, Leave & Pay Rules
85 Shri Mahesh Thakur, Sr. AO PDA(C ) Central Excise Receipt Audit and Audit of ACES
86 Shri R S Thulsidasan, Sr. AO PDA(C ) Central Excise Receipt Audit and Audit of ACES
87 Shri J R Sachdev, Sr. AO PDA(C) Central Excise Receipt Audit and Audit of ACES
88 Shri Bharat Soni, Sr. AO PDA(C) Central Excise Receipt Audit and Audit of ACES
89 Shri B L Singh, Sr. AO PDA(C ) Central Excise Receipt Audit and Audit of ACES
90 Shri Praveen Kumar, Sr. AO, O/o PD Shipping, Mumbai IPSAS
91 Ms. Neeta Bhangale, Sr. AO, PDA(C) Transfer Pricing
92 Shri Debmalya Lody, AAO, RTI Mumbai LB Bodies audit
93 Shri Mayur Milind Nakhale, AAO, RTI Mumbai Data Analytics, Constitution, Logical analysis and reasoning, CPWD rules and acts
94 Shri Pramod Phatak, SAO, RTI Mumbai