Stores Headquarter & Stores contract section
1. Audit of Store Bills
2. Check of Journal vouchers
3. Audit of Port & Custom charges
4. Audit of Inspection charges bills
5. Tracing of JVs into journal and register of work
6. Reconciliation with General Books
7. Check of Sanction
8. Tracing of Store Bills in work allocation Register advised issued to Division and workshop offices
9. Test check of vouchers and units selection done by Auditor
10. Review of Register of irregularities maintained in the Account office store branch.
11. Review of Objectionable item register
12. Review of Register of serious irregularities and losses
13.Check of statement of Fuel receipt & issues
14. Check of Sales Abstracts
15. Register of deviation from code rules
16. Review of Recovery Register maintained by Account Office store branch
17. Review of Audit Notes/Part II AN/Pt. II IR
18. Review of Auction sales accounts/ statement
19. Review of Stock verification sheets
20. Reconciliation of Co 6 with Co7
21. Review of Capital 9400/7140 & 7150 sales register
22. Review of Stock adjustment account register (Fuel and other)
23. Review of Suspense register (fuel), Balances under suspense head
24. Review of Accountal, custody and disposal of scrap
25. Review of register of permanent sanctions (other than catering units)
26. Check of Yearly statement of store transactions
27. Check of balances under Suspense Head
28. Review of Stores in Transit register
29. Review of items outstanding under suspense head accounts with states etc.
30. Review of Yearly statement of Purchases
31. Check of Revaluation of Stores
32. Review of Purchase orders & Implementation of Purchase orders
Auditee Units:
1. Principal Financial Adviser (Stores)
West Central Railway, Jabalpur
2. Principal Chief Material Manager
West Central Railway, Jabalpur

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