The construction Headquarter Audit section is responsible for auditing the accounts of Construction Organization. Construction Organization is responsible for execution for capital nature work i.e., construction of new lines, Doubling and for major projects undertaken by the construction West Central Railway, Jabalpur

Construction Audit section conducts Audit of accounts maintained by Construction Office. In addition to above this section carries out Local Audit Inspection as per approved Inspection Programme (Compliance Audit), Performance Audit, Central Audit and Finance Attest Audit.

Auditee Units:

1. CPM, Kota
2. Dy. C E (Const.), Jabalpur/Bhopal
3. Dy. C E (Const.)/Rewa
4. DEE (Con), Kota
5. Dy CEE, Bhopal
6. Executive Electrical Engineer/C/Jabalpur
7. Dy. C S T E(const.)/Jabalpur/Bhopal/Kota
8. Dy. FA&CAO/C/JBP/Bhopal/Kota

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