Establishment section is responsible for the audit of all charges relating the Railway servant both Gazetted and non-Gazetted for the audit establishment charges.
Section- Establishment


1. History of services.
2. Audit of pay & TA bills.
3. Productive Link Bonus.
4. Audit of pay Bills
5. Audit of Sanction.
6. Audit of fixation.
7. Audit of transfer allowances.
8. Reimbursement of tuition fee bills.
9. Reimbursement of medical bills.
10.Audit of Advance of motor cycle/ scooter/personal computer/house build advance
11.Check of foreign service contribution.
12.Pension cases.
13. Audit of Pension paid vouchers.
14. Tracing of journal vouchers.

Auditee Unit- Principal Financial Adviser, West Central Railway, Jabalpur

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