Indian Technical and Economic Co-Operation (ITEC)


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Indian Technical and Economic Co-Operation (ITEC), a flagship capacity building programme of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has been in existence since 1964. ITEC has been an important vehicle for sharing knowledge and expertise with the rest of the developing world.


ITEC has acquired a strong brand name in India ‘s Global capacity building initiatives. Every year iCISA conducts 5 International Training Programmes (ITPs) on various topics under the aegis of ITEC Programme. Around 40 participants from more than 30 ITEC member countries participate in each ITP. iCISA also conducts bilateral training programmes under ITEC based on request received from various Supreme Audit Institutions. iCISA has so far trained more than 5000 participants from 149 countries  under 157 ITEC programmes (151 resedential and 6 e-ITEC courses).

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