FAW wings conducts central audit of vouchers received from treasuries.

Financial Audit Wing exists in Srinagar and Jammu Office under the supervision of the Sr. DAG (AMG-III). There are three sections each in Srinagar and Jammu office which are headed by 2 Sr. A.Osin Srinagar and 1 Sr.AOin Jammu.

FAAW sections are entrusted to conduct audit of vouchers (Central Audit) received from treasuries.The Audit is conducted as per the Audit Plan executed annually and duly approved. FAAW-ER, Srinagar is the coordinating sections, for FAW-Srinagar and Jammu, besides, all the works other than Central Audit is being conducted in this section.

Besides, FAAW also re-started conducting audit of Sanctions/Releases issued by the Govt. of J&K and Red Accounts submitted on account of AC bills from the year 2016-17 and from the year 2019-20, FAAW started conducting audit of Pension Payments, Contracts and Agreements and DDR heads after long decades.

FAAW also issues Audit Certificates against expenditure incurred under listed Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) and Externally Assisted Projects (EAPs) and Central Transactions under the signatures of Sr.DAG (FAAW).

Audit of Sanctions

FAAW is also responsible for carrying out Sanction Audit with the objective of identifying deficiencies that may affect the accuracy and reliability of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts.

However, since the year 2013 the audit of Sanctions could not be conducted due to non-receipt of copies of Sanctions from the Govt. of J&K. From the year 2016, this office has made vigorous efforts for receipt of copies of Sanctions from the government. This Office had received 457 copies of Sanctions during the year 2016-17 and 768 during the year 2017-18. These Sanctions were accordingly audited and the necessary Audit Report was issued to the Finance Department J&K. During the year 2018-19, this office has received 622 Sanctions which were audited accordingly. 

Audit of AC/DC-Bills

This Office is responsible to conduct the audit of the Red Accounts (DC bills) drawn for the amounts drawn on Abstract Contingent Bill, duly submitted by the DDOs in AG, A&E Office.

Audit of AC bills (Red Account) have not been conducted regularly in FAAW. However, it was again re-started from the previous year, and audit was conducted for the AC bills pertaining to the FY-2017-18.

Audit of Agreements and Contracts

The scrutiny of the Contracts or Agreements entered into by departments on behalf of Government constitutes one of the important functions of audit. The objective of such a scrutiny is to see whether the contracts or agreements have not led to loss or wastage of public money and also to ensure that the rules and regulations provide reasonable security against malpractices.

Audit of Contracts and Agreements have not been conducted in FAAW during the recent years except a random checks were conducted during the local audit. Although our office do not receive copies of Agreements and Contracts issued by the PW/Civil departments on regular basis.Matter wastaken with the Finance department of J&K, vide a D.O letter No: FAW-Cord/14-02/19-20/1133 dated:27-12-2019, highlighting the issue of non-submission of copies of contracts and agreement to this office for detailed examination. In response to our D. O letter, Finance department issued a circular dated: 30-01-2020 to all the administrative departments directing them for providing copies of contracts and agreements to this office.

Meanwhile audit party has been deputed to some selected HODs of Works/Civil departments for framing a detailed guideline of conducting of audit of Contracts and Agreements.

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