Where are the other RTIs situated?
Other RTIs are situated at : Jammu, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ranchi and Shillong
Can an Officer(s)/Official(s) not working in IAAD be trained at RTI Allahabad ?
No, this Institute provides training to personnel working under Indian Audit and Accounts Department only. But some courses can be organised on approval/direction of HQrs.
Which are the user offices of RTI, Allahabad ? .
Offices of Indian Audit and Accounts Department located in the states of Uttar Pradesh and UttraKhand are user offices of this RTI. Presently, RTI, Allahabad has 19 user offices.
Who is trained at RTI ?
This institute caters to the training requirements of Group A (sometime ,including Group officers), Group B and C staff of the user offices as well as other offices of Indian Audit and Accounts Department in some specialized course.
When did Regional Training Institute, Allahabad come into existence?
Regional Training Institute, Allahabad came into existence from August, 1986.
What is RTI ?
“Regional Training Institute”. RTI Allahabad is one of the nine Regional Training Institutes of Indian Audit and Accounts Department.