Office of the Principal Director of Audit (Central), Bengaluru was created post restructuring of the Audit Offices on 2nd April 2012. The Audit Jurisdiction of this office includes Audit of Central Receipts viz Direct Taxe (Karnataka & Goa), Indirect Tax (GST & Customs) and Expenditure (including autonomous Bodies) in the State of Karnataka.

Under the administrative charge of Principal Director, there are four functional groups with each group headed by an IA & AS Officer. At present there are three Group Officers as mentioned below:

Headquarters Bengaluru

1) Director (Administration, Direct Taxes & Customs)

2) Deputy Director (Indirect Taxes & CeDAR) 

 3) Deputy Director (Central Expenditure including Central Autonomous Bodies)

Each Group is divided into Branches which are headed by Senior Audit Officers in the Group A cadre. Branches are further subdivided into Sections headed by Assistant Audit Officers and Supervisors.

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