ISSUE 7-August 2017

From the Editor's Desk

The seventh issue of the Journal of Government Audit and Accounts is the second theme oriented edition. The theme of this issue is “Data Analytics in IA&AD”, the articles covering several initiatives taken by the Department towards use of data analysis tools for audit planning and analysis.

The lead article discusses the concepts and approach to data analytics in Audit. It provides insights on the process of accessing data, extracting data, preparing the data, using the data for analytics and interpreting the patterns and relationships in the data. The second article introduces and explains Text Analysis which allows the user to locate themes in unstructured data such as audio, video and text files.

The power of data analytics lies in its potential to assist audit by testing complete sets of data, rather than just testing samples and in aiding risk assessment through identification of anomalies and trends. Three case studies where data analysis has been put into use in field offices have been included in the issue. We also have an article written by an Officer Trainee who has worked in the data analytics industry and shares his personal experience and ideas for use of big data in audit.

The article on “Data Analytics in SAI India” narrates the systematic manner in which the Department has approached the subject, and the setting up of the “Centre for Data Management and Analytics” (CDMA) in the Office of the CAG of India. The aim of establishing the CDMA is to build capacity in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department in the space of data analytics. CDMA aims at being equipped with the latest tools and infrastructure to provide support and guidance to the data analytic groups that have been set up across field offices.

We propose to continue with the thematic approach in future issues of the journal, and the next issue will be on Revenue Audit. We look forward to your feedback and support in making the journal a vibrant and valuable tool for knowledge dissemination in the Department.

Director General
Professional Practices Group

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