ISSUE 4-January 2016

Visualisation of Union Government Accounts

By – Ms. Purvashi & Mr. Ujjawal Pandey

The Audit Report (No.1 of 2015- Financial Audit) discusses the comments of the CAG on the accounts of the Union Government and analyses the finances of Union Government for 2013-14. The annual accounts of the Union Government presented to Parliament consist of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts. Chapter I of the Audit Report provides an overview of the Union Finances and carries a trend analysis of the major components of the Union Finances. An appreciation of the analysis with all its technicalities, however, requires a fair understanding of the architecture of Accounts of the Union Government. Presentation of the analysis to address the expectation and needs of all stakeholders – Legislature, Executive and the Public would therefore necessitate substantial simplification.

Data visualization and infographics are some of the alternatives that have the potential of presenting the analysis in a more user friendly manner. This is an attempt to reorient and present the crux of the analysis of Chapter I in the form of a slide show broadcast using infographics for facilitating easy comprehension and wider dissemination.

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