Inspection Section: Local audit of various Executive offices, issue of inspection reports and other related works.

Expenditure Section – Central Audit of Vouchers, JVs including Audit of Tenders and Contracts, Special Investigations, Submission of returns and registers etc.

General Administration: Maintenance of registers, submission of returns, issue of pass and PTOs etc.

Books and Budget Section – Certification of Finance and Appropriation accounts, Audit of JVs & Vouchers, Submission of returns and registers etc.

Workshop and Stores Section –

Central Audit of JVs, vouchers including Purchase Orders etc.

Establishment Section –Central Audit of vouchers, JVs related to establishment matters, Special Investigations etc.

The list of Auditee units are as follows:

1. General Manager

2. Pr.Chief Mechanical Engineer

3. Pr.Chief material Manager

4. Pr.Chief Electrical Engineer

5. Pr.Chief Engineer

6. Pr.Chief Personnel Officer

7. Pr.Chief Medical Officer

8. Pr.Chief Electrical Engineer(S&T)

9. Sr.Security Commissioner

10. Pr. Financial Advisor

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