Section & Function

Inspection HQrs section conducts Department Centric Audit of Accounts of Offices of All PHODS of South Western Railway. Similarly Inspections in divisional offices attached to PHODS of South Western Railways are conducted by divisional Audit Office.

Auditee Units:

(i) PCPO / Sr. DPO

(ii) PCSC / Sr. DSC

(iii) PCME / Sr. DME

(iv) PCOM / Sr. DOM

(v) PCSO / Sr. DSO

(vi) PCMM / Sr. DMM

(vii) PCCM / Sr. DCM

(viii) PCE / Sr. DEN

(ix) PCSTE / Sr. DSTE

(x) PCEE / Sr. DEE

(xi) GM Establishment(Including All Sub Offices) / DRM

(xii) PFA(Including Stores Accounts and Statistical Branch) / Sr. DFM

(xiii) PCMD(Including Central Hospital Hubli)   / Sr.DMO

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