Introduction on Administration
For the smooth functioning of administrative work of the staff and officers of this office, the work of administration has been distributed among two Sections as under:
Administration Section: -
•    Deputation of staff to outside offices and connected correspondence and returns, etc.
•    Medical Examination of new recruits.
•    Resignation, discharge and dismissal of staff.
•    Matters connected with Service Associations.
•    Correspondence relating to the S.A.S. (Including preliminary test) and other matters connected therewith.
•    Representations against S.A.S. results.
•    All work relating to Gazetted Officers.
•    Correspondence relating to anomalies in fixation of pay.
•    Collection of material/statements required by the Sr. Audit Officer (Administration).
•    Verification of character and antecedents by Police
•    Postings and transfer of the office staff within the office.
•    Oath of allegiance on entry into Government service.
•    Correspondence regarding the grant of Qualifying Pay in respect of Departmental Examination for Auditors passed employees.
•    Forwarding of applications of the staff to other offices including mutual and unilateral transfers.
•    Work relating to General Elections.
•    All work relating to training of different faculties at Regional Training Institute, Jaipur & Delhi.
•    Conducting of Examinations.
•    In-house training topics, relating to working of different wings of the office.
•    In house training of the E.D.P. courses.
•    Correspondence relating to grant of Honorarium.
•    Maintenance of guard files.
•    Collection and transmission of information regarding progressive use of Hindi to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India or Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs as and when required and work connected with Hindi classes.
•    Permission to take up higher academic studies/examination.
•    Forwarding of applications for: -
o    Competitive examinations.
o    Outside Posts.
•    Grant of permission to the gazetted officer and non-gazetted officials for the purchase and sale of moveable and immovable property.
•    Preparation of pension cases of all gazetted/non-gazetted including Group ‘A’ Officers of this office.
•    Work relating to Tender and
•    Work relating to AMC.
•    Maintenance of permanent and regular events registers in respect of gazetted and non-gazetted staff.
•    Upkeep of the Manual of General Procedure and of the Administration Branch.

Establishment Section:
•    Preparation and computerization of Pay Bills of gazetted/non gazetted establishment of the office including Group ‘A’ officers of the office and connected correspondence.
•    Preparation of bills of General Provident Fund, Advances of all the Gazetted/non gazetted staff members.
•    Sanction and payment of Children Education Allowance, House rent Allowance, Payment of Overtime Allowances, Honorarium, etc.
•    Work of miscellaneous nature, i.e. calculation of income tax in respect of gazetted/ non gazetted staff including Group ‘A’ officers.
•    Scrutiny of bills on account of L.T.C., T.A., Medical reimbursement claims, etc. in respect of the gazetted/non-gazetted staff including those of Group ‘A’ officers.
•    Maintenance of register of attachment of pay etc., of the gazetted/non-gazetted staff.
•    Sending of yearly return of Income Tax deduction in respect of gazetted /non-gazetted staff including of Group ‘A’ officers of this office to the Income Tax Officer, Delhi.
•    Processing of cases of House Building Advance and Computer Advance.
•    Preparations of bills of leave encashment/terminal leave.
•    Preparation of bills of General Provident Fund final withdrawals.
•    Maintenance of documents registers in respect of Computer Advance and House Building Advance cases.
•    Preparation of monthly expenditure statement and submission thereof to the Headquarter office. To keep watch on the flow of expenditure with reference to Budget grant allotted under all the heads being dealt within the section and supply of figures for revised estimates/budget estimates.
•    Preparation of office Budget and revised Estimates and all work relating thereto.
•    Reconciliation and control of expenditure.
•    Review of expenditure on Establishment.
•    Handling Defined Contributory Pension Scheme Cases.
•    Fixations of pay, S. Pay/P. Pay of all grades.
•    Leave account and maintenance of service books including increment cases in respect of gazetted/non gazetted and also Group ‘A’ officers of this office, annual verification of services and dealing with all applications for leave for their further posting in the respective leave accounts of the concerned officers/officials.
•    Property return of the staff.
•    Distribution and collection of Character Rolls and correspondence relating to movement of Character Rolls. Watch over receipt of special reports.
•    cash related work.

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