Administrative block

Regional Capacity Building and Knowledge Centre, New Delhi's administrative block comprises of one room no. 524, located in 'A' Wing, 5th floor of AGCR Building. The faculty members and staff sits in this room and manage all activities related to trainings.

Training block

The training block also located in 'A' Wing, 5th floor of AGCR Building.comprises of two computer labs with a seating capacity of 30 and 18 participants and a general lecture hall for 30 participants. Besides these lecture halls, RCB&KC also has one common room used for dining purposes with sofa set and Dish TV for visitors/faculty and one Conference Room to be used for training purposes with seating capacity of 21 delegates.

Training methodology:

The training programmes organized in the Centre are designed in such a manner that the participants get maximum exposure on the subject. The Regional Advisory Committee of the Centre has stressed on making the courses more interactive and participative. Hence, more number of case studies in the General courses and hands-on exercises in IT courses have been included. IT courses are conducted by EDP core faculty of RCB&KC. Faculty members have prepared extensive study material for imparting training on MS-Office, IT-Audit, IDEA, Data analytics etc., which is supplied to the participants of the courses.

Hostel block

Regional Capacity Building and Knowledge Centre, New Delhi caters to the training needs of New Delhi based IA&AD offices hence, only local employees participate in trainings. Therefore, hostel facility is not available in RCB&KC, New Delhi.


The Centre has a reference library having about 250 books on both general as well as computer topics.

Recreational facilities

Coming soon.