As per Hqrs Instructions dated 13.05.2019, Defence Audit Advisory Board (DAAB) was constituted in 2019 to enhance the effectiveness of audits including Audit Reports by providing a forum for discussion between the senior management of Defence Audit office and knowledgeable and experienced professionals from various fields. The function of the Board is to advise the Directors General/Principal Directors of Commercial Audit on coverage, scope and prioritization of audit together with suggestions regarding appropriate audit approaches and techniques. DAAB was constituted on 05.08.2019 with PDCA as Chairman, DD (Admn) as ex-officio Member, DD (Reports) as ex-officio Member- Secretary, DG (Defence) (HQrs Office) as ex- officio Member and four nominated external members.  The tenure of each external member will be one year, re-nomination may be allowed for another term of one year in exceptional cases with the approval of DAI (Defence). The first meeting of DAAB was held on 3rd September 2019. Subsequent meetings were held on 3rd June 2020 and 31st March 2021 respectively.

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