Headquarters of this office, headed by the Accountant General is housed at “53, Arera Hills” Bhopal while the branch office, is situated in “AUDIT BHAVAN” Gwalior. The office was restructured in June-July 2013 when Economic Sector-II and Economic Sector-III wings were shifted from Gwalior office to Bhopal and again in July- August 2014 when Revenue sector Audit wing was shifted from Gwalior to Bhopal office.The office was again restructured in June-July 2020 and the concept of Audit Management Group (AMGs) were introduced. After restructuring of the State Offices, this office is entrusted with the audit of Environment, Science & Technology and IT & Communication (Audit Management Group-I), Urban Local Bodies, Transport, Culture and tourism (Audit Management Group-II), State Finances, Industries and Commerce (Audit Management Group-III), Public Works, Energy and Power (Audit Management Group-IV).  Audit of the Departments under these Groups includes audit of Administrative Offices of the State Government Departments, its subordinate offices, Public Sector Enterprises, Local bodies and Autonomous Bodies under the administrative control of the Departments.

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