ISSUE 2-Janurary 2015

About the Journal

The "Journal of Government Audit and Accounts" is a platform for sharing of experiences and inculcate professional excellence.

Editorial Board

Dr. P. Mukherjee DAI(C)-& Chairperson Audit Board
Ms. K. Ganga ADAI (PPG)
Shri R.S. Mathrani Director General, iCISA, Noida
Ms. Parveen Mehta Director General (Training)
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma Director General(PPG)
Shri S. Alok Principal Director, iCED, Jaipur
Shri K.P. Anand Principal Director, RTI, Chennai

Online Submission of Articles

To support this initiative of e-journal, we welcome you to contribute articles from the fields of public sector auditing, accounting and management. Authors are required to also submit tags (keywords) that apply to an article. All submissions should be accompanied by a short abstract (max 50 words), the author's name, position, and institution areas of expertise and email address. A short CV and photo will be appreciated. The articles may be provided by writing to or click at get in touch.


We strive for constant improvement and encourage our readers to provide their valuable feedback/suggestions to make the endeavour successful. Kindly be clear, to the point and write in plain language while providing your feedback. Feedback may be restricted in 200 words. For providing feedback and suggestions, kindly write to or click at get in touch.


The views expressed in the articles by various authors are their own and do not any way represent or reflect the official policy of Indian Audit and Accounts Department.