Smt. Devika Nayar, IAAS
Director General of Commercial Audit


Qualification:  B.A (History/Eco.)


    Joined in Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1990
    Served in various cadres as given below from 1992
1. O/o the Pr.AG(A&E), Tamil Nadu                                                                         -01.08.1992        
2. Dy. Accountant General in the O/o Pr. AG(C&RA), Tamil Nadu                           -01.03.1994
3. Sr. Dy. Accountant General, O/o Pr. AG(Audit), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram    -01.04.1997
4.  Director, O/o Director General of Audit (CR) New Delhi                                     -14.12.1998
5. Director (CX), O/o C&AG, New Delhi                                                                   -11.12.2000
6. Director, Railway, Audit Board, O/o C&AG, New Delhi                                         -01.06.2004
7. Director, O/o Principal Director of Audit, Air Force, New Delhi                             -15.12.2004
8. Pr.Director, O/o Principal Director of Audit, SW Railway, Hubli                            -10.07.2006
9. Accountant General, O/o AG Goa                                                                        -09.06.2009
10. Principal Accountant General, O/o AG (E&RSA), Orissa                                   -25.05.2015
11. Principal Accountant General, O/o PAG (Audit-1), TN and Pondicherry            -08.05.2017
12. Director General, O/o DGCA, Chennai                                                              -02.08.2021
Smt Devika Nayar has vast experience in State, Defence, Railways and Receipt Audit. She has undergone various training programs and workshops in Mangement development program, UN audit, Railway audit, Network Security and E governance among others. She also has been associated with various foreign assignments in New York, Baghdad, Italy and Philadephia. 
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