Report no. 4 of 2019 General and Social Sector Government of Kerala


This Report is divided into four chapters. Chapter I contains Introduction, Chapter II contains Performance Audit on ‘Modernisation and strengthening of Police force', Chapter III contains Performance Audit on ‘Functioning of Kerala State Housing Board', Chapter IV includes six Compliance Audit paragraphs.

Chapter II: The Performance Audit on ‘Modernisation and strengthening of Police force' was conducted to assess whether modernisation plans were prepared realistically after careful assessment of requirements, whether implementation of the scheme was effective and efficient in line with the scheme objectives and whether financial management was efficient and effective and funds of GOI and GOK were utilised optimally for the intended purposes.

Chapter III: The Performance Audit on ‘Functioning of Kerala State Housing Board' was conducted to assess whether the various activities mandated by the Kerala State Housing Board Act, 1971 as amended from time to time were discharged by KSHB efficiently and effectively and whether the financial management of the KSHB was done efficiently.

Chapter IV: This Chapter contains one Compliance Audit paragraph on ‘Modernisation and upgradation of Government Industrial Training Institutes’ . Besides instances where funds released by the Government for creating public assets for the benefit of the community remained unutilised/blocked and/or proved unfruitful/unproductive due to indecisiveness, lack of administrative oversight and concerted action at various levels are also bought out in this Chapter.

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