Report No.5 of 2018 - Social, General and Economic (Non-PSUs) Sectors Government of Assam


This Report contains 25 Audit paragraphs, two Compliance Audits viz., ‘Incentive to Scheduled Caste students (Scholarship schemes)’ and ‘Border Areas Development Programme’, three Performance Audits (PAs) (Social Sector: one, Economic Sector: one and General Sector: one) and Audit of ‘Pension Management System of the Directorate of Pension’. The draft audit paragraphs and draft PA Reports were sent to the Commissioner/Secretary of the departments concerned with a request to furnish replies within six weeks. The views of the Government were incorporated wherever appropriate. The audit findings relating to the PAs were discussed in the Exit Conferences held with the Commissioners/Secretaries.

The Report contains audit findings relating to fictitious payments, suspected misappropriation, doubtful expenditure, loss to Government, loss of interest, excess payment etc., including Performance Audits on “Implementation of National Rural Drinking Water Programme”, “Flood Control in Assam” and “Working of Fire and Emergency Services”. The Report is based on test check of records of the Departments of Public Health Engineering, Pension and Public Grievances, Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Classes, Hill Areas, Welfare of Minorities and Development, Water Resources, Public Works (Roads), Home, Border Protection and Development, General Administration, Revenue and Disaster Management and other Departments.

During 2016-17, against the total budget provision of ` 83,069.19 crore, total expenditure of
 ` 58,179.63 crore was incurred by the State Government.

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