Report No.3 of 2018 - General, Social and Economic Sectors, Government of Jharkhand


This Report comprises two Chapters: the first Chapter contains the planning and extent of audit and a brief analysis on the expenditure of major Departments along with responses of Government to the Audit Inspection Reports/Audit Reports and action taken on these. Chapter II deals with the findings of three Compliance Audits on (i) execution of dairy development schemes in Jharkhand; (ii) implementation of the provisions of pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (prohibition of sex selection) Act 1994 and (iii) management of forest land in Jharkhand besides, eight Audit Paragraphs in various Departments. The audit findings included in this Report have total money value of ` 120.28 crore covering systemic deficiencies, misappropriation, fraud, loss, wasteful/ unfruitful expenditures, avoidable extra expenditure, undue favours, excess payments etc.

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