Report No.2 of 2020 - Public Sector Undertakings, Government of Madhya Pradesh


This Report comprises of five Chapters: Chapter-1 Contains general information on functioning of State Power Sector Undertakings. Chapter-2 contains three Compliance Audit Observations relating to Power Sector Undertakings. Chapter-3 deals with the functioning of the State Public Sector Undertakings (other than Power Sector). Chapter-4 deals with the Performance Audit of State Public Sector Undertakings (other than Power Sector) on "Implementation of Road Projects on Build Operate Transfer mode by Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Limited". Chapter-5 contains Compliance Audit Observation relating to Public Sector Undertakings (other than Power Sector). The audit findings included in this report have total money value of Rs 2,316.24 crore covering construction of Road on higher annuity, erroneous selection of Concessionaires, award of work at higher Annuity, excess drawals from Escrow Accounts, non-deposit of Compounding Charges, non- recovery of dues from contractor, irregular release of Permanent Power Connection, avoidable payment of interest etc.

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