Report no. 4 of 2019 - Social, General and Economic (Non-PSUs) Sector Government of Himachal Pradesh


This Report contains two performance audits on (i) Construction of Rural Roads Financed by NABARD and (ii) Sewage Management in Urban Areas and 21 compliance audit paragraphs including one thematic paragraph and one follow up audit.

Performance Audits:

Performance Audit on 'Construction of Rural Roads Financed by NABARD' covered issues of planning, finance, execution and quality control/ monitoring.

Performance Audit of 'Sewage Management in Urban Areas' evaluated aspects relating to planning and direction, financial management, execution of sewerage schemes, treatment and disposal of sewage through sewerage and septic tank systems, and monitoring.

Compliance Audit:

In addition to above, 21 paragraphs including thematic paragraphs (follow up audit of Public Distribution System and Procurement, Supply and Utilisation of Drugs & Consumables and Machinery & Equipment in Health Institutions under the Directorate of Health Services) with financial implication of Rs 114.52 crore relating to unproductive/ unfruitful/ infructuous expenditure, excess payment, loss, idle investment, short realization, misutilisation and diversion of funds are included in the Report.

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