Report 13 of 2016 - Union Railways Compliance Audit

  • Date on which Report Tabled:  26 July 2016
  • Government Type:  Union
  • Union Department Type:  Railways
  • Sector:  Transport & Infrastructure
  • Report Type:  Compliance
  • Download Audit Report File:  Report 13 of 2016 - Union Railways Compliance Audit(16.03MB)


This Audit Report contains the audit findings of significant nature detected during audit in Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) of the Union Government and its field offices for the year ended 31 March 2015. The Report has six chapters of which the first chapter is introductory in nature and also covers cross-cutting issues. The other four chapters (Chapters 2 to 5) contain audit findings related to four departments viz., Traffic – Commercial and Operation; Electrical – Signalling and Telecommunication units; Mechanical – Zonal Headquarters/ Workshops/ Production Units, and Engineering department of Indian Railways (IR). Chapter 6 viz., Disaster Management in IR, focused on the adequacy and implementation of the Disaster Management Plan of IR.

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