Message from DAI(C,C &IS)

  • This Portal is at the CORE of our effort to engage more actively with all the members of our Department.The aim of this portal is two fold:
  • To position this portal as the space for day-to-day communication and engagement with all the members of our department.To collaborate and provide this platform for widest possible in generating innovative ideas and creating opportunities for improvement and disseminating best practices.Through this portal we also seek engagement on our collective vision for our organisation for 2030.
  • Through your active participation and contribution we wish to articulate a role in providing thought leadership on areas of governance and accountability to our stakeholders.
  • The various tabs within this portal will enable communication on various items that fulfill the above objectives.Each tab has a context which is explained therein and depending on feedback and your suggestions, additions, modifications for the tabs and content will be made.

      We look forward to you being at the core of CoRE.

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