Audit Management Group-V is under the overall control of the Deputy Accountant General who is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of various sections of the Group. The Deputy Accountant General is assisted by three Senior Audit Officers viz. Headquarter, Vetting and DP Section for proper functioning of the Group.

Audit has been started to be conducted through newly implemented software i.e. One IA&AD One System (OIOS)


Section & Function:

The Group is presently comprised of four sections viz.

1.Headquarter Section: - It is a controlling section which deals with all the work pertaining to Headquarters i.e. preparation and execution of Audit Planning, tour programmes, maintenance of returns/reports, databank, News Cuttings & Complaint Cases along with coordination with other AMGs/sections of the office etc.

2. Vetting Section-I & II: - The sections (Vetting I and II) are entrusted with work regardingvetting of Inspection Reports according to financial rules, regulations, Government instructions etc. Thereafter, the Inspection Reports after getting approval from the Group Officer forwardedto the concerned department.

3. Draft Paragraph Cell: Process the serious irregularities noticed during the audit for developing as draft Para for inclusion in the Audit Report.  Initially Vetting of Performance Audit/Thematic Audit/Subject Mattes/LDP and also comment on the detailed note received from the PAC. 

Each section is headed by an Assistant Audit Officer and supervised by Senior Audit Officer.


Auditee units:

Audit Management Group-V is entrusted with the audit of Departments and Autonomous Bodies of Punjab Government falling under the clusters (1) Health and Welfare (2) General Administration.

Departments falling under the two different clusters are as follows;

(1) Health and Welfare:- (i) Health & Family Welfare (ii)  Medical Education & Research,

(iii) Social Justice, Empowerment & Minorities, (iv) Social Security, Women & Child Development (v) Defence Services Welfare

(2) General Administration:- (i) General Administration (ii) Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation & Disaster Management (iii) Personal Department (iv) Parliamentary Affairs

(v) Elections (vi) Information and Public Relation (vii) Printing and Stationery

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