Issue of Payslip

What does the Payslip contain?

The monthly rates of Pay and Allowances from specified dates.

The "NIL" money column represents:

  • The date following the date up to which the post has been sanctioned (in the case of an officer holding a temporary post), or
  • The date following the date up to which the employee has been appointed to the post or after which the employee is to retire due to superannuation, etc., or
  •  The date following the date of death, resignation, transfer, termination, relinquishment charges.

Pay Slips are issued to the Officer with a copy to Treasury Officer.

When a Gazetted Government servant is transferred from one Accounts circle to another, the Accounts Officer of the first circle should send the following documents to the Accounts Officer of the new circle:

  • Last pay certificate duly countersigned.
  • Leave Account
  • Statement of service/ History of Service / Service Card.

When are fresh pay slips to be issued?

  • Whenever there is change of any kind in emoluments, otherwise than by accrual of an increment.
  • Whenever a Gazetted Officer proceeds on leave of any kind or returns therefrom.
  • Whenever an officer is appointed to a temporary post or reverts therefrom.
  • Whenever an officer is transferred from one post to another involving change of designation, even if there is no change in his emoluments.
  • Whenever an officer gets suspended consequent on which the subsistence allowance becomes payable to him.
  • On re-instatement in accordance with Govt. order.
  • On reversion from Deputation / Foreign Service.