Report No 3 of 2017 - State Finances Andhra Pradesh


Based on the audited accounts of the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the year ended March 2016, this Report provides an analytical review of the finances of the State Government.  The Report is structured in three Chapters.

Chapter 1is based on the Finance Accounts and makes an assessment of the Government’s fiscal position as on 31 March 2016.  It broadly presents and analyses the State Government’s resources and their applications.

Chapter 2is based on audit of Appropriation Accounts and reviews the allocative priorities of the State Government and the manner in which the allocated resources were managed by various Departments.

Chapter 3 gives an overview and status of the State Government’s compliance with various financial rules, procedures and directives during the current year.

The Report has appendices containing additional data collated from several sources in support of the findings.

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