Jan 2003 - Sept 2003 journals

Sl.No. Title Page
  Editorial i
1 XXII Conference of Accountants General  
  Inaugural Session  
  Speech of the Prime Minister of India 3
  Speech of the Finance Minister 7
  Inaugural speech of the CAG of India 10
  Valedictory Session  
  Transcript of the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister 14
  Valedictory speech of the CAG of India 18
2 Privatisation of state owned enterprises in India: some issues - H. Pradeep Rao 20
3 A framework for auditing for sustainable development - Sunil K. Bahri 23
4 Risk analysis and statistical sampling in audit - Methodology - Ms. Parama Sen 30
5 Management today: What Louis Gerstner can teach us - Pankaj Kumar Mandal 42
6 Public Audit in India : Is and Ought A paper prepared by 6 IAAS officers during the course on General Management at IIM, Bangalore) 47
7 Invitation for articles 68
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